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What is ProductosPaisano?

ProductosPaisano commercializes and distributes fresh and processed products generated within the investment projects of GrupoPaisano with a strategy focused on capturing the margins of intermediation in favor of the producers and investors, and managing attractive sales price for our buyers.

With ProductosPaisano, beneficiated producers of the investments of the incubation model of GrupoPaisano have the possibility of entering massive markets and work with important national and international customers. Producers can manage a higher volume of production, packaging, distribution, and a better quality of the products, due a better infrastructure generated by Inverpaisa.

ProductosPaisano -the brand and company- was created to achieve identification and positioning of the products from the storage and packaging centers, to the shelves, grocery stores, and supermarkets, as well as for their sale abroad.

The producers contribute to the growth of the commercial model managed by ProductosPaisano through an applied royalty program, to open new markets, which increases the data base and the brand strengthening.


To open markets for the products generated in the communities supported by GrupoPaisano in order to commercialize them under one single brand.


To maintain, increase, and strengthen commercial relationships in national and international markets.


To achieve the distribution of products with a fair profit margin for the producers and buyers avoiding brokers.


  • Honesty:
    Continuous manifestation of what it is with transparency.
  • Solidarity:
    If my surroundings improve, I improve.
  • Integrity:
    Strength and coherence of thought, word, action, and habit.


The scheme of ProductosPaisano maximizes utilities margins avoiding brokers in the commercialization process of the all agro-industrial products generated by the business projects of GrupoPaisano: the product goes directly from the producers to the final distributors.

The community associations created with the Impact Investment Fund of GrupoPaisano, whose producers are partners of, allow the comprehensive development of the community. Economic- human development – , social welfare, and the environmental preservation aspects in a community are consequences of a strong teamwork. ProductosPaisano is an important part of this by carrying out the trading and incorporating all knowledge of the business to the process of the community development.

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If my environment is progressing, I progress.


The fruits that ProductosPaisano has for fresh product sale are:


Each of the producers are certified for handling, caring, assuring quality, and exporting the produce that ProductosPaisano commercializes, by authorized entities such as:

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ProductosPaisano takes care of its production even before sowing. Land, seeds, and fertilization are managed carefully in order to create products of high nutritional values and the best quality. Even in some cases, crop rotation is used in order to guarantee the natural fertility of the soils.


ProductosPaisano farming products are cultivated in a traditional way and a natural environment. The experience and professionalism of the farmworkers allow the treatment and cultivation of plants and trees in such a way that not even meteorological conditions, soil, fertilization, plagues nor plant diseases, stop the creation of a high quality product. At all times, farmers are advised by GrupoPaisano experts in partnership with relevant institutions.


The crop is made by hand by the farmworkers. This guarantees the care of each produce as well as the care of plants and trees.


Subsequent to the crop, the products are classified according to size, ripening, and class, so the customers can place their orders with these characteristics and get the products depending on their requested specifications.

The requested products are carefully packed, according to the customer’s specifications, with materials that preserve the quality of the product.


ProductosPaisano distributes the products according to the customer’s request.

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GrupoPaisano is a holding company formed by 4 enterprises and a Non-profit Organization focused on generating impact into the economic, social, environmental, and human development areas in Mexico.-an integral development scope-.


Is an Impact Fund Management Company which draws cash from investors from Mexico and abroad to develop agricultural and industrial projects. It´s first fund is Inverpaisa I which will impact communities and regions in Mexico that are in extreme poverty.


It is a business incubator that designs Impact Investment Projects with a comprehensive development view. Once the fund is made, ImpulsoPaisano implements, plans, operates, trains, and gives technical assistance to the human capital of the communities, generating the necessary accompaniment to reduce risks and strengthen the profitability of each project.


It is the company responsible for the commercialization and distribution of the products generated in the Impact Investment Projects of GrupoPaisano, with a strategy focused on capturing the community margins of intermediation in favor of the micro and small scale producers and investors and manage an attractive price for the buyers.


A company specialized in driving the transformation of the communities towards a new sense of solidary responsibility through the support of professionals and specialists in human development, neuro-linguistic programming, meta-coaching, self-fulfillment psychology, and logotherapy.


It is a Non-profit Organization that contributes to the development of the communities in which GrupoPaisano operates. By detecting the fundamental needs of the population, CorazónPaisano offers linkages with institutions, companies, government agencies, and Civil Society Organizations.

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Emi Reitmayr
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Mobile: +52 1 (55) 1899 1866

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Viaducto Miguel Alemán 228, PH,
Col. Escandón, C.P. 11800,
México D.F.


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Roberto Ortega
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Emi Reitmayr
[email protected]
Mobile: +52 1 (55) 1899 1866

Office: +52 (55) 6719 7237-39
Viaducto Miguel Alemán 228, PH,
Col. Escandón, C.P. 11800,
México D.F.

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